Smart Home WiFi


Protect IQ & Experience IQ

ProtectIQ™ provides subscribers with the following:

  • Traffic monitoring automatically blocks anything that looks suspicious coming into the home.
  • A dashboard to demonstrate how this service is actively protecting the home network.
  • Customers will receive notifications when content is blocked. Our technical team will receive the credit for protecting the customer’s home.

ExperienceIQ™ provides subscribers with the following:

  • Enhanced parental controls allow our customers to enforce the rules they’ve established for their homes.
  • My Priorities allows you to prioritize applications and devices within your subscriber’s home network.
  • Family profile tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home.

Download CommandIQ™ on the App Store and Google Play:

Smart Home WiFi Plus Is Now Available!

CommandIQ® delivers everything you need to control your entire home WiFi experience. The simple app puts the information at your fingertips to set your network priorities for performance and security for every device, application, room, and family member.

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