You’ll Love Our Packages


50+ Channels 

Includes Local News Networks, and More


180+ Channels

Including Local PLUS a variety of Cable Networks


220+ Channels

Including Local, Essentials PLUS All Our Best Networks

Xtra Sports

13 Sports Extras

NFL Red Zone, World Fishing, BTN, Fox Nets & More!

More Reasons Why You’ll
Love Celect Communications TV

Restart TV

Miss the beginning of the show you want to watch? No problem - just Restart it from the beginning!

From the Beginning

Start shows from the very beginning even from half way through with Restart TV. Available channels are indicated on the guide with a Restart arrow.

Weather App

View weather conditions and get a 5 day forecast for your area. Plus watch animated radar anytime.

Current Forecast & Radar

View current weather conditions, a 5-day forecast, plus animated radar… while still watching your program! Simply with the touch of a button.

TV for Mobile

With watchTVeverywhere you can bring TV anywhere inside or outside with any mobile device.

TV on Your Mobile Devices

Take your TV shows with you wherever you go.  To the laundry room, or with you on the go, using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Cloud DVR Plus

Record your favorite shows and watch at your convenience.

Record Live Shows

With the latest technology, we have plenty of storage for all your favorite shows.  Secure cloud back-up, 12 shows can be recorded at once, with 2 TB storage space available. Manage your DVR schedule easily at our website.

And Much More

Parental Controls, Caller ID, See What's Hot, Games & More

Amazing Features

See What’s Hot to Find Something New to Watch | TV Guide Customization | Enhanced Parental Controls | On Screen Caller ID | Play games: Memory, Minesweeper, Solitaire or Sudoku