ChannelSDHDWTVERestart TV
KTCA (PBS)2502NARestart TV
WEUX (FOX 48)3548NARestart TV
KSTP (ABC)5505NARestart TV
WHWC (PBS)6528NARestart TV
QVC7507Watch TV Everywhere EnabledRestart TV
KMSP (FOX)9509NARestart TV
WFTC (My 29)10529NARestart TV
WQOW (ABC)12518NARestart TV
WEAU (NBC)13513NARestart TV
KSTC (45 TV)14NARestart TV
WHWC (PBS)15NARestart TV
CW*16516NARestart TV
KTCA (tpt Weather)17NARestart TV
WHWC (PBS Create)18NARestart TV
Public Access19NANA
HSN20NARestart TV
C-SPAN21Watch TV Everywhere EnabledRestart TV
POP22NARestart TV
EWTN79NARestart TV
WEAU (Movies)*80NARestart TV
TBN81NARestart TV
KSTC (This TV)*85NARestart TV
KSTC (MeTV)*86NARestart TV
WUCW (TBD)*87NARestart TV
WUCW (Charge!)*88NARestart TV
WEUX (MeTV)*89NARestart TV
KSTC (AntennaTV)*91NARestart TV
KSTP (Heroes & Icons)*92NARestart TV
KARE (Justice Network)*96NANA
CW*97597NARestart TV
TBN Hillsong965NARestart TV
INSP966NARestart TV
QVC2970Watch TV Everywhere EnabledRestart TV
EVINE Live971NARestart TV
Jewelry Television972NARestart TV
CSPAN 2976Watch TV Everywhere EnabledRestart TV
CSPAN 3977Watch TV Everywhere EnabledRestart TV
WHWC (PBS Kids)978NARestart TV
KARE (Weather Now)*980NANA
WFTC (Movies!)*982NARestart TV
WUCW (Comet)*983NARestart TV
Start TV984NANA
WQOW (Decades)*985NARestart TV
WEUX (Escape)*987NARestart TV
WEUX (Bounce)*988NARestart TV
KMSP (BUZZR)*989NARestart TV
WEAU (Heroes & Icons)*990NARestart TV
WEAU (Antenna TV)*991NARestart TV
KAREDT4 (Quest)992NANA
Public Access993NANA
Public Access994NANA
Public Access995NANA
Public Access996NANA
Public Access997NANA
Public Access998NANA
TV Tutorial999NANA
ABC (National) WTVE OnlyWatch TV Everywhere EnabledNA
NBC (National) WTVE OnlyWatch TV Everywhere EnabledNA

SD – Standard Definition Channels

HD – High Definition Channels

VOD /  Video On Demand

WTVE /  –

Restart TV Restart a show back to the beginning

* These channels are not available in all locations

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